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Please check out new images in gallery of mosaics completed for the 2015 Sydney Symposium.
A fantastic experience.
It's been a while I know but lots coming.
Just returned from Ravenna where I attended the Mosaic School and about to head off to the 2015 Mosaic Symposium. I will have lots to show soon.
Frances Russo is a mosaic artist based in Melbourne. She began her career in 2000 with an exhibition of a number of pieces which can be seen on this site.
She has had several private commissions as well as commercial pieces such as the entrance piece for the Koko Black stores in Melbourne, Canberra and Perth.
A recent commission will see her first religious piece with information soon to be found under the  "St John Project.'
Frances specialises in portrait work. Her detail and skill goes back to the traditional and ancient mosaics of Europe. You will also see her love of art nouveau and especially the artist Klimt.
Frances also specialises in water feature and outdoor mosaics using materials that are water resistant to make that perfect garden, bathroom or water feature.
Check out a short video of Frances by clicking on the address below-


St John is finally complete and up on the wall in the foyer

of St John's Primary School in Heidelberg.

























See more images of the Vogue Cover in the gallery.